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Our company, with our Ahinur brand, was established in Germany in the field of Wholesale Food and provides service with its expert staff. There is a closed area of 5,000 m² in Germany, and there are close to 3,000 types of products in our warehouse, including cleaning materials and canned goods.

We export 100% of the products we produce in Turkey to Europe, with the awareness of “DOMESTIC GOODS”. Our employees are qualified to serve this purpose and constantly renew themselves according to the conditions of the time.

Orders from many European countries, especially the Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium, France and Austria, are delivered to their addresses within 48 hours.

In Germany, daily orders are delivered to our customers the next day.

Our mission is to work to present the healthiest, highest quality products to the society in an efficient way, with the principle of being respectful to nature and people, by always aiming to be ahead in the food and agriculture-based service sector.

Our vision is to become a sought-after company in Europe by targeting branding.

Our values are to keep alive an honest, successful and reliable team that does not compromise on quality, is sensitive to the environment and society, constantly develops knowledge and experience, and adopts justice in every field.

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